Nov 04, 2011
Eau de Marco
Marco V & Damian William - Essence (Original Mix) [In Charge]
Marco V - Sticker (Original Mix) [TAO]
50 Cent feat Nicole Scherzinger - Right There (Marco V Remix)

Once again I find myself writing up Marco V, a man who never ceases to amaze me with every track he puts out. I sleep on this guy for one second and back he comes slapping me in the face with his newest monster. Said monster is Essence, a new collaboration he did with Damian William that makes good use of syncopated snares, an intelligently placed portamento, and a drop that will blow your hair back. Housers and trancers alike are supporting this one–a trend that has practically become the norm.

This is also a good opportunity to give you guys a couple of tracks from Mr. V that came out with earlier this year. First up is Sticker, a track fairly similar to Essence in sound and structure, albeit slightly techier. Nevertheless, it is a bomb in its own right (and it was here first). Finally, we have what is perhaps one of Marco’s most unique productions to date–his remix of 50 Cent and Nicole Scherzinger’s Right There. Sexy and aggressive, this track would blow up any party, from the frat house to Fire Island.

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