Feb 16, 2013
Eats Everything Eats Chicken Lips
Chicken Lips - He Not In (Eats Everything Chicken Tits Remix) [Defected]
Chicken Lips - He Not In (Original Mix) [Defected]

With its delectable funk and roisterous, bassy lead, Chicken Lips’ He Not In shifted the feet and bodies of all those who heard it 13 years ago, marking an upturn in the electro movement. It seems befitting, then, that Eats Everything was commissioned to remix this seminal record. Alongside the genre-bending dirtybird crew, Dan Pearce is spearheading the future sound of house.

While forward-thinking is always necessary to succeed, creating a striking remix of acclaimed work requires imbuing the distinct sound of the remixer while leaving the original’s unique flare intact. To stand shoulder-to-shoulder with its predecessor necessitates poise, restraint, and a certain ‘savoir faire.’ Here, Eats Everything’s Chicken Tits Remix trumps all expectations. His signature dirty bass sound permeates throughout while the stamp of the original holds strong. This is a true-to-form modern interpretation done with balls and flavor, as it should be.

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