Jan 12, 2012
Dyson Cleans Up
Fussy Boy - Prude (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit) [NOIZE]
Virtu - Arsenal (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit) [NOIZE]

Electro producer Miles Dyson–not the character from Terminator 2–is one of more than a few Plasmapool artists who are rocking their productions lately. The veteran star’s got himself some recent remixes that fit nicely in the banger department.

Though he’s known as the “CEO of House” for building Plasmapool from the ground up, Dyson’s also got plenty of his own producing chops. While definitely influenced by the current “complextro” wave of house music, Dyson takes the music in a different direction by incorporating a more breaksy beat into his remixes of Prude by Fussy Boy and Arsenal by Virtu. Dyson funky disco style and trademark gritty electro sounds are a perfect match for the breaks beats. Dyson tracks definitely did not sound like this in 2008, but he’s done a good job all along keeping his sound fresh and distinct, with these remixes creating a new course for future artists to explore.

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