Nov 02, 2013
Dymond & Heredia Go Brazilian With ‘Sao Paulo’
Tomas Heredia & James Dymond - Sao Paulo (Original Mix) [Soundpiercing]

Argentinian Tomas Heredia and Brit James Dymond are both big names on the uplifting trance front of late, so to see the pair team up was always going to be a treat. The trans-Atlantic theme continues in the name, though why they chose Sao Paulo remains a mystery.

However, what is perfectly clear is that these guys have a knack for uplifting melodies and a driving arrangement which is up there with the best. Sao Paulo features everything you’d expect, from the rolling bass lines to the ethereal pads, but the lead synth is where it all stands out. It has a nice bit of modulation going on, taking it from dark and complex to big and spacious during the build, before bring it back down for the drop. It’s a peak-time trancer, but it’s on the more progressive end of the scale, showing you don’t have to rely on massive supersaws to give a track energy.

Sao Paulo is out now on Soundpiercing, and is another step towards the top for two very talented producers.

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