Aug 17, 2011
Dutch Men Have a Tropical Side
Coco Bryce - Polaroid Sunset (Original Mix) [MYOR]
Coco Bryce - Ginormous Bliss (Original Mix) [MYOR]

The amount of music Coco Bryce releases verges on the ridiculous. Polaroid Sunset is, rather fittingly, the Dutchman’s eleventh (count them) release of 2011, a staggering number that includes a debut album, four EPs, three mixtapes, two remixes, and now this single. He is the mainstay of small independent label MYOR, though if this prolific streak continues do not be surprised if he starts popping up all over the place. His work with kindred spirits Ghost Mutt and Slugabed definitely enhanced his growing reputation as one to watch.

Anyone familiar with MYOR will know the drill. Polaroid Sunset is frenetic and tropical, with Coco Bryce’s love of intense storms of bleeps and other frayed scraps of sound there for all to see. To underpin the operation he creates unhinged, rough-hewn beats out of whatever drum samples he finds lying around. The flip is the trac Ginormous Bliss, which transports the listener to a land of lurid colors and sweltering heat sans vocals. Coco’s music may not be subtle, but those who like their bass purple and their music loud will love it. Slugabed fans in particular would do well to investigate.

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