Jun 11, 2014
Dusky’s Love Is Taking Over

Can you feel the Love Taking Over? London house duo Dusky sure can.

Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman, collectively known as Dusky, have been busy boys. The duo recently announced the formation of their own label, 17 Steps Recordings. On top of that, Dusky also plans to embark on an international tour. To kickstart the label, they have divulged its first official release: a new Dusky EP, Love Taking Over. The title track is available now for your listening pleasure.

Love Taking Over is a deliciously deep dancefloor ditty that features sexy, soulful vocals and a jolting, jouncing bassline. Straddling the line between garage and tech house, the song resists simple classification–all we know is that the track is funky, fresh, and freakishly irresistible.

You can pick up the Love Taking Over EP on July 14. Until then, enjoy the lead single and click here to find out more tour info and sign up for advance tickets.

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