Jul 15, 2014
Duke Dumont ‘Won’t Look Back’ In Bizarre New Video

Duke Dumont soundtracks the strangest police chase ever caught on film in the video for Won’t Look Back, the UK house revivalist’s new single for Blasé Boys Club.

The clip follows three masked thieves on their epic, bouncing getaway following a jewelry store heist, dazzling and confusing onlookers in equal measure with their impressive pogo skills. They eventually catch the watchful eye of a no-nonsense, Segway-donning cop who chases down each of the villains, one by one, before cornering the head of the outfit at the top of a multistory parking garage.

Will he be roughed up and cuffed like his accomplices, or can he bounce his way to freedom and riches? Find out in the video below, and be sure to score Won’t Look Back when it drops on Aug. 24.