Jul 22, 2014
Listen Closely To Duke Dumont’s ‘Mumble Man’
Duke Dumont - Mumble Man (Original Mix) [Turbo]

Shortly after establishing that he Won’t Look Back, Duke Dumont says he won’t let up with his latest house gem, Mumble Man.

Fans of vocal house will fall in love almost instantly, as the muttering vocal for which the track is named bursts out of the gate with syllables tiptoeing across virtually every beat. Once it reaches full steam, the vocal inflection matches the bassline in a way that propels it upward in rhythmic upheavals applauded by the eventual claps for a compellingly catchy production.

Aside from leaning on modern house music’s love affair with dual-pitched vocals, Dumont keeps it classic with his no-frills jackin’ beat topped with heavy waves of throwback synth. The best part? You’re not likely to hear the vocal sung in the club by those wishing to show they’ve heard it before–at least not without looking and sounding stupid.

Dumont’s latest will be available “soon” on Turbo Recordings in part three of his For Club Play Only series.

Duke Dumont for club play only vol 3