Jan 08, 2011
Dub At The Controls
FreQ Nasty - Dread At The Controls (Radio Edit) [Muti]
FreQ Nasty - Drum Play [Muti]

When I was first introduced to dubstep way back when, I was actually told that it was heavily reggae-influenced, which is not something you hear as much these days now that the genre has kind of sucked in every other genre around it like a musical sponge. Nevertheless, Caribbean sounds still frequently show up in dubstep-land, and this is made quite obvious with new tracks from New Zealand-raised FreQ Nasty. Calling his music “futurestep,” it is evident that FreQ Nasty’s mission in music is to bring a great deal of sounds together in quite a cohesive fashion, from breaks, to glitch hop, dubstep, reggae… the list goes on.

His upcoming February 2011 release includes two amazing new tracks–Dread At The Controls and Drum Play. The former has a bit more of a chilled out, dub reggae feel, with all of the wobs and heavy synths added in to make listening to the track quite a unique experience. My personal favorite of the two is Drum Play, however, which draws a bit more from dancehall riddims rather than reggae grooves. With a swagger reminiscent of Dirtbox by Harmonic 313, this track is sure to induce some freaky dance moves in the club. I really hope FreQ Nasty stays on the course he is setting with this sound–if so, I will be listening to every one of his releases.

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