Jul 27, 2010
Dual Masters
Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner - Conscindo (Original Mix) [Toolroom]

When two greats collaborate on one song, it sometimes happens: the track becomes segmented, as if one artist did the buildups and another did the breakdowns (C’mon, anyone?). Such is the nature of this particular item. When prog-house powerhouse Mark Knight (pictured) and electro god Wolfgang Gartner made Conscindo, they definitely had a summer anthem in mind. Simple, uplifting melodies in the buildup, and crushingly massive breakdowns. That’s what the festival performance calls for.

Mark Knight pulls out his signature smooth progressive grooves for the intro and outro, though the oscillating bassline has just a hint of Wolfgang’s shadow. Then, as the track nears its first release, the melody kicks in; it’s so obviously the work of Mark Knight that there’s simply no mistaking it. The track continues to build up and phase down in a typical prog-house structure, but when we reach the final few buildups, something starts to change. Another wilder synth begins to make its entrance, as if Wolfgang suddenly wanted his say. It’s in the third and final breakdown that a rip-roaring electro-influenced beat, complete with a relentless snare line, utterly compels you to move your body if you haven’t already.

In short, it’s definitely a collaboration. Give it a listen.

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