May 05, 2011
Dropping Out
Elfkowitz - Psychodelic Dropout [Simplify]
Elfkowitz - Home [Simplify]
Elfkowitz - Best Milk [Simplify]

Today I have the honor of presenting to you an LP that has absolutely blown me away–not something I’m known to say very often. Titled Psychodelic Dropout, the release has a total of sixteen glitch hoppy tracks ranging from chillout to downright dark. So who’s the artist behind this one? He goes by the name Elfkowitz and hails from Michigan. He started off as a new age rock and hip hop producer, but over his college years he gravitated toward more bass-heavy genres and eventually made the decision to move back to Detroit where he continued producing with long time friend Freddy Todd. See if you can pick out those influences throughout the album. Now a regular act in Chicago playing alongside MartyParty, STS9, and Lotus, it seems Elfkowitz is poised for success.

Psychodelic Dropout’s title track is a unique piece of music you wont be forgetting anytime soon. It’s all over the place, including vocoded vocals, a chill beat in the back, and even a melody sample from The Legend of Zelda. In fact, first person to call out exactly where it’s borrowed from wins a t-shirt. The list of influences blended together here is very impressive. Great little gem to bust out on a chill day.

If you’re looking for an audio glide through space alongside a rock guitarist, hit up Home. It dances the line perfectly between heavy glitchy synths and lighter more melodic elements, and tosses the occasional guitar riff in for good measure. Beautifully polished and laid-back, this is the kind of jam that can probably get just about anyone to bob or sway to the beat.

Last but not least is Best Milk. Starting off with a gentle electronic melody, this track takes you by the hand as it proceeds along an epic musical journey. All sorts of different emotions are at play here, with each portion of the song carrying a distinct-yet-connected feel throughout. Harder synths are introduced toward the middle of the track and a nice little vocal section adds to the overall power of that section. Again, top-notch production and attention to detail abounds.

I’ve got to say, picking only three tracks from this incredible LP was quite a challenge. I highly encourage you all to check it out in its entirety ASAP!