Feb 04, 2011
Drifting Into Reverie
First State feat Sarah Howells - Reverie (Dash Berlin Remix) [Magik Muzik]

Vocal trance hits have been hard to come by in recent months–that is until oft-unsung heroes of vocal trance First State and Dash Berlin (pictured) united to give us a track that will have you floating to far-off, blissful lands.

Reverie is not a track that will impress you with off-the-wall production techniques or interesting techy melodies. This track’s core lies in its brilliant vocal melody, performed by UK singer Sarah Howells. The instrumentation (especially the gorgeous piano progression) serves as a fitting underpinning for this spectacular vocal line that picks you up and carries you into a drop full of sidechained ambience. Something like “the epitome of uplifting trance” could possibly summate the former words more properly. Lucky for us, there are two separate verses with differing lyrics as well, for an extra treat not present in many vocal trance songs.

Hopefully Reverie will bring you vocal trance fanatics out there back to the time of years like 2004 and 2009, where amazing vocal trance songs were practically tripping over one another. Here’s to another year like that in 2011.

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