Sep 12, 2013
Drezo Goes Rogue
Drezo - Rogue (Original Mix) [Techibeats]

Los Angeles producer Drezo has certainly been on the radar since releasing his huge, double A-side EP on Techibeats Records earlier this summer, setting dancefloors ablaze with its house-smashers Mandingo and Thump. Showing no signs of slowing, the 22 year old producer recently crafted an up-front remix of Sex Panther’s Right Now, adding another gem to his superb catalog of productions. Now, the Techibeats artist is back to deliver another hyper-stylized house track called Rogue–and it’s available for download right here on his Soundcloud page.

In typical Drezo style, Rogue features a distinctive sound design with a minimalistic arrangement, providing plenty of space for every element in the mix to breath. A muted, robotic bassline imparts Rogue with a dark techno flavor, while its legato lead mirrors the bassline note-for-note. Occasional spurts of white noise and resonant bleeps accent the main melody, providing just enough sonic variation to keep the mind entranced. Rogue is definitely one of Drezo’s most unique productions to date–make sure to head over to his Soundcloud page to grab it.

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