Nov 18, 2010
Dreamin’ Dance Beats
Chris Lake - Sleepwalker (Original Mix) [Mau5trap]

Deadmau5’s record label Mau5trap struck autumn gold with the massive success of Skrillex’s electronica-dubstep EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, which was a departure from Mau5trap’s usual offerings of more traditional electro house and minimal. Chris Lake’s Sleepwalker, one of the latest post-Skrillex releases from the label, marks a return to the their more familiar brand of house, complete with a dark melody, violent buildups, and techy beats.

The track also marks a return for Lake himself. Last time we checked on the UK house star, he had just remixed Beachball, a fun and bouncy summer tune. Now he’s back to business with Sleepwalker, making good use of his trademark analogue bassline that adds a deep electro twist to his progressive style.

Chris Lake is kicking off a North American tour this month with gigs in Montreal, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Newport Beach, CA. He had a fantastic set last time I saw him spin in NYC, so I highly recommend that you check him out if you have the opportunity.

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