Oct 12, 2011
Dream On, Little Dreamer
Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston - You Got to Go (Kyau & Albert Remix) [Anjunabeats]
Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston - You Got to Go (Above & Beyond Club Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston - You Got to Go (Extended Album Mix) [Anjunabeats]

You got to gather up what you need
You got to choose a direction
And when the moment is right for you
You got to go

If there is one thing that Above & Beyond does better than anyone in the game, it’s make uplifting vocal trance that speaks into the lives of the listeners. The trio clearly desire to play this role for fans, evidenced by many parts of their music. From the Group Therapy album title itself, to the moving messages they type to their fans live on the LCD screens at their various shows worldwide, few artists touch as deep as these guys do. Their newest single, You Got to Go, features the vocals of Zoe Johnston, and she provides a simple, yet powerful message: Follow your dreams.

The Kyau & Albert remix is the most uplifting of the three mixes on this post and will likely land on many year-end uplifting trance charts. The German duo took the sparkly melody riff that shows up toward the end of the album version and placed it at the drop–and the result is a sound that almost lifts you off the ground. The Above & Beyond club mix has a thuddy intro section that adds quite a bit of electro bounce to the track, and it continues to develop seamlessly through passages of atmospheric piano and synth, into a big-room drop complete with dramatic pauses galore. Finally, I added the extended album mix, which is the most progressive of the three, building on what was already released on Group Therapy into a symphonic, DJ-droppable version.

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