Dec 30, 2013
deadmau5 Collabs With ‘Biggest’ Fan

After months of tribute with countless colorful drawings, deadmau5′ number-one fan got to meet his hero Dec. 28 in Edmonton and even combine minds on a joint project.

Using the @draw4deadmau5 Twitter handle, 8-year-old Darius from Calgary, Alberta has been drawing a different depiction of his hero’s iconic head, “every day till I meet him on December 28th in Edmonton, I hope.” That long-awaited moment finally came for the young fan when he and his father, who manages the handle for him, attended his performance at the Kocheda Winter Music Festival in Edmonton.

In The Mix reports that deadmau5, or Joel Zimmerman, arranged to meet the young fan and his “kinda cool” dad before setting them up in VIP for his set (which included some sweet perks, evident in the above photo). Before the show, however, the two artists had some work to do: a collaborative final drawing in the series inspired by their favorite places on Earth.

For their joint piece, mau5 and Darius decided that each would depict their respective personal “Paradi5e,” with Zimmerman opting for Malta and the young fan paying homage to Arizona. The following image appeared on Zimmerman’s Instagram.


Doing a collab with Darius! Spent the day with the lil dude and his kinda cool dad! @draw4deadmau5 woot!

draw4deadmau5 paradise