Dec 21, 2010
Dracula Jaxx
Basement Jaxx - Dracula [Atlantic Jaxx]

Fresh out of the UK comes the new dance floor hit Dracula from a couple of blokes who call themselves The Basement Jaxx. The legendary duo, consisting of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe first gained popularity by playing in clubs alongside the likes of another pair of DJs, Daft Punk. After many years at the helm of the DJ booth and a slew of countless hits, Basement Jaxx has returned in vampiric form. No, I’m not talking about some pale pretty-boy vampire; I’m talking about the bad-ass, old school, seduce-women-with-your-stare-and-drink-their-blood vampire.

Dracula starts off with a dark, sophisticated kick drum and rises into a progression of eerie electro synth with just the right amount of dirty. If you close your eyes you can actually start to envision Dracula in all his unholy glory. The vocal pieces on this song also serve to increase the aura of darkness surrounding the track. Fast forward to the end and you’ve found yourself left with goosebumps. Apparently Audi got bit by the vampire, because this song was actually featured in a commercial for their new A7 Sportback (see below). Bonus points for bumping this song while driving one of these bad boys.

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