Aug 11, 2013
Dr Meaker In Operating Room D&B
Dr Meaker feat. Romaine Smith - Don't Think It's Love (Club Mix) [New State]
Dr Meaker feat. Romaine Smith - Don't Think It's Love (Mind Vortex Remix) [New State]
Dr Meaker feat. Romaine Smith - Don't Think It's Love (TS7 Remix) [New State]

After premiering on Trevor Nelson’s BBC Radio broadcast back in February, Dr Meaker’s Don’t Think It’s Love has continued to amass support from all reaches of the industry, even right here on LessThan3. The tune has already been championed by a slew of BBC Radio DJs including Huw Stephens and Sarah Jane Crawford, to name a few, and it recently notched 100k plays on UKF’s Youtube channel. Don’t Think It’s Love is certain to see another spike in popularity as the single has just been officially released via New State Music alongside a bevy of high-quality remixes. Notable remixers on the release include Mind Vortex, Bitrocka, Real Connoisseur, TS7, Typesun, Octo Pi, Macky Gee, and Jus Now.

The club mix of Don’t Think It’s Love is an eclectic combination of feel-good vibes and bitter-sweet themes, all stretched out over a D&B tempo. Romaine Smith supplies the somber, yet soulful lyrics on top of the tune’s funk-laden, frenetic arrangement filled with jagged bass synthetics and bubbling breaks. The EP’s remixes deliver a wide range of flavors, starting with Mind Vortex’s D&B re-tooling. Known for their up-front sound, the RAM Records’ outfit give Don’t Think It’s Love a rough and tumble re-rub, adding a surging lead-synth and chest-pummeling sub-bass capable of moving nightclub denizens clear across the dancefloor. For a deep house lesson, look no further than TS7’s bouncy remix of Don’t Think It’s Love. TS7 delivers a contemporary groove nuanced with ’90’s house music flare. To sample the rest of the stellar remixes and pick up the entire release, head over to Beatport.

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