Jul 06, 2011
Dr. Kucho's Rhythm Cult
Dr. Kucho! - Hale Bopp (Original Mix) [Spinnin']

With the witty catchphrase “making house calls since 1993,” Spanish house producer Daniel Manzano Salazar (aka Dr. Kucho!) immediately lets everyone know that he has been playing the game of EDM for a while. Now with a new hit on his hands that landed on none other than Sander van Doorn’s new Dusk Till Doorn compilation, Dr. Kucho! is presenting himself to a whole new generation of EDM lovers with Hale Bopp.

Named for the famous comet that sparked a late ’90s cult whose members committed suicide with the belief that they were going to be united with an alien spacecraft trailing the comet, Hale Bopp brings an interesting history to the table with its title–a history that seems to be found in the sparkling notes that are dotted all over the entirety of the song. My favorite part is the melodic pattern leading up to and included in the drop. A percolating pattern of notes is introduced, then imitated with slight variation on a different chord. These two patterns then swap back and forth throughout the majority of the song. This one is quite pleasing to the ears, and sticks out in any prog house set as “that one track with that really cool melody.”

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