Oct 25, 2011
Double M
Mux Mool - Flying Dreams [Ghostly International]
Mux Mool - Hypercolor ADD [Ghostly International]

Our in-house photographer dropped me the suggestion of listening to Brookyln’s Mux Mool. I was enthralled right away, as anyone who has decent taste in experimental beatmakers would be. I must admit, it was a new listening experience for me, as most of my exposure to beat music has come from LA or Colorado, but this was certainly a welcome change. Digging deeper, I discovered that I had been late to the game. This guy is already well-known, appearing on the same bills as the Low End Theory guys as well as Colorado glitch hoppers Pretty Lights and Paper Diamond.

Mux Mool’s sound is full of laidback, hip hop-influenced grooves–he cites influence from J. Dilla and video games. Perhaps this quote summarizes him best: “Mux Mool’s homespun electro hip hop is the product of an introverted mind, an extroverted imagination, and a bottomless cultural appetite.” Sounds pretty dualistic to me. That dualism can be seen in his music. Unlike several other EDM beatmakers I’ve heard, Mux Mool doesn’t rely on hard-hitting bass or big, flashy loops. No, Mux Mool likes to tone things down. Take a listen to the first track from his most recent Drum EP 2. Flying Dreams quickly snags with an old school, funky collection of samples, light drum patterns, and live bass. Same case with Hypercolor ADD, although it sounds quite different from Flying Dreams. Be sure to check out the whole EP for some exquisite grooves.