May 03, 2014
Doorly’s Guide To Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is the dance music Mecca of the world, but for those not used to the White Isle, the choice on offer can be daunting. Help is on hand, however, as house music legend Doorly has provided us with an exclusive guide to what the island has to offer–just in time for the start of the season.

Doorly’s Guide To Ibiza

During the summer I live out in Ibiza, and who wouldn’t love to live there? It’s a beautiful island, it’s pretty consistently sunny and all of my favourite people in the world pass by my doorstep during the season! Over the years I’ve learnt a few things that I’ll pass on to you in this guide.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunities

The first time I ever went to Ibiza was to play for Ibiza Rocks. It was the opening party for the new Ibiza Rocks Hotel and their first event in that venue. After my set, Andy Mckay came and asked me if I’d like to be a weekly resident. So I cleared my diary for the summer and moved out to Ibiza that week and never looked back! In Ibiza, anything can happen!

Eat, Drink & Dance All Night

There’s so many great restaurants in Ibiza for all different budgets and occasions but, honestly, the place I eat at the most is a little place called Relish in San Antonio Bay. It’s run by good friends of mine and the food is just good honest food and always exactly what I need to nurse one of my regular Ibiza hangovers, with great company in there if I’m eating solo. For drinks, I’d recommend the Ibiza Rocks Bar, because I have my own cocktail on the menu: The Doorly Daiquiri!

If you’re out clubbing, our new Monday night party at Pacha this year is going to blow people’s minds! I’ll also be returning to my Ibiza Rocks home residency for the Friday W.A.R events and I’ll be playing a couple of Toolroom nights, as well as a couple of other parties. Should be a fun summer!
My favourite clubs to visit are Paradise on Wednesday at DC10 and We Love Sundays at Space. The amazing Ibiza Rocks is a great alternative to being in a club and listening to DJs.

Enjoy The Music

Ibiza is all about the music. Pool parties, boat parties, club nights, after-parties–there’s so much music to listen to and (re)discover, from old favorites to upfront promos. My classic Ibiza track is Nightwriters’ Let The Music Use You. It’s just one that is always the perfect soundtrack to a sunset boat party or set closer–the perfect record. It’s way too early to tell right now what the anthem for the year will be, but I’m hoping it’s going to be a track I’ve done with Shadow Child, which will be released in June.

Explore The Island

There’s loads of time for drinking and dancing, but one thing I’d recommend is getting a group of mates together and hiring a boat with a captain for a day to go to Formentera–some of the best beaches in the world and such a wicked experience.

24 Hours in Ibiza: If you’re short on time, here’s what to do

It totally depends on what night of the week it is, but if it’s only 24 hours then there’s no time to waste. Drop bags at hotel (which you most likely won’t see again until you pick up your bag whilst you rush to the airport). Find a boat party to jump on for the day. Once off the boat head to Ibiza Rocks Bar to get high on Doorly Daiquiris and eat chicken pitas. Then find out what the best club is that night. My recommendations are:

Monday: Circoloco @ DC10 / Ibiza Rocks House @ Pacha
Tuesday: Carl Cox @ Space / Defected @ Booom!
Wednesdau: Ibiza Rocks / Paradise @ DC10
Thursday: Enter @ Space
Friday: W.A.R @ Ibiza Rocks
Saturday: Ants @ Ushuia
Sunday: We Love Space @ Space

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