Apr 27, 2014
Doorly’s Third ‘Boom Boom Room’ Outing
Doorly - Ladies Night (Original Mix) [Toolroom]
Doorly - Thunder Clap (Original Mix) [Toolroom]

British producer Doorly has returned to Toolroom with his third Boom Boom Room EP, and it’s another prime example of why he’s quickly building a solid reputation as one of the most talented names in the UK house scene.

Opening track Ladies Night is techy, groovy, and modern, yet has a distinctly old-school feel about it. This is house circa forever–that timeless style that somehow manages to pique your interest as something fresh, despite the fact it would have worked just as well in 1994 as it does now. The spoken vocal samples and simple synth chords are shared by b-side Thunder Clap, albeit with a darker, deeper and more soulful feel, but still the epitome of what house music is all about.

The third Boom Boom Room EP is out now on Toolroom as a Beatport exclusive.

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