Aug 20, 2012
Don't Tread On Feed Me
Feed Me - Little Cat Steps (Original Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]

The little monster is back, and he has teeth. Following up on February’s six-track Escape From The Mountain EP, everyone’s favorite green monster Feed Me returns with his newest single, Little Cat Steps on Mau5trap Records. The gifted goblin from England previously dropped the track for Annie Nightingale on a BBC Radio 1 along with eight other unreleased tracks, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the release.

Little Cat Steps is a dark, tough electro track featuring classic elements of Feed Me: mesmerizing synth work, heavy beats, and high-energy wobbles that will have crowds bouncing. Standard electro track you say? Keep listening. He slowly builds the song up and a little girl begins to chant “Feed Me… Feed Me,” and then things get a little crazy. A massive dubstep drop erupts out of nowhere–one of the more awesome drops in recent memory. It’s a tightly produced song that really sets the bar high for electro/dubstep. Pick the track up here.

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