May 30, 2011
Don't Make Me Wait
Dion Mavath feat Kandace Lindsey - Wait So Long (Chris Moody Remix) [Avangarde]
Dion Mavath feat Kandace Lindsey - Wait So Long (King Richard Remix) [Avangarde]

Dubai-based DJ Dion Mavath made a bit of a splash in the EDM world late last year when he remixed Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight, and now he’s got a powerhouse vocal anthem circulating around the DJ circuit. Wait So Long has recently been rereleased in a remix package by Avangarde Records, and I am happy to report that a couple of them are simply delectable.

The strongest showing of Wait So Long is the remix by NYC-based DJ/producer Chris Moody, which was recently played near the opening of Chuckie’s Sensation Belgrade set. The first drop is absolutely massive, with a percolating beat and interestingly chopped vocals that are quite enough to make the crowd go wild. The dramatic pauses every eight beats at the beginning of the drop give you plenty of opportunity to pop and lock, play “red light/green light,” vogue, or anything else your heart desires. The only issue I have with this remix is that Moody chose to only use the opening drop once–I wanted to hear it again! Oh well, maybe a Kid Alien edit is due in the near future. The King Richard remix gives the track a bit of a techier sound with plucked synths keeping the rhythm throughout the majority of the song.

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