May 08, 2011
Don't Listen. Feel.
Ferry Corsten - Feel It (Original Mix) [Flashover]

With any successful artist comes a time where they need to reinvent themselves and find a new direction. Ferry Corsten is no different. He’s been around dance music for over ten years simply because of his curiosity to experiment with new styles and sounds. From his epic trance style of Out of The Blue, to his electro infused L.E.F.…and now his trouse style? Yes, “trouse;” it’s that gray area often labeled progressive, but it features a more housy grove with a melodic trance-like touch. The journey into this novel style began just a year ago with the release of his Once Upon A Night compilation.

Ferry’s latest release, Feel It, sources a downtempo sound with influences taken from the classic Chicago house era such as the sample of Mr. Fingers’ Can You Feel It. He goes back to the roots of dance music, giving us that warm house groove and a familiar anthem that sets the tone for any epic night out.

Expect to hear some more trouse with Ferry’s new artist album due out this summer. One of the artists Ferry is collaborating with for this album is none other than Armin van Buuren. This will be their fourth production together.

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