Feb 19, 2012
Brenmar - Done (Don't Luv Me No More) (Original Mix) [Hum & Buzz]
Brenmar - Temperature Rising (Original Mix) [Hum & Buzz]
Brenmar - Done (Don't Luv Me No More) (MikeQ Remix) [Hum & Buzz]

Digital-only 4-track EPs from New York bass producers released on obscure labels at the beginning of the year are hardly likely to break any sales records. Fortunately for you and the dance music world in general, all it takes is a few people to hear good music for the word to be spread, and like a bushfire the name Brenmar has been ripping through dubstep and juke blogs all over the net. As it turns out, Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based Bill Salas has been doing this sort of thing for a while, even doing a stint at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid last year, and hopefully tracks like the scorching Don’t Luv Me No More will land him a 2012 residency he can really sink his teeth into.

Brenmar’s music is very much a product of his heritage. Temperature Rising fuses silken vocals with vamp chords and dynamic garage rhythms–a marriage of Europe and NYC if there ever was one. The most exciting track here, however, is the aforementioned Don’t Luv Me No More, this time showing off his Chicago roots in the form of a footwork-propelled groove. This isn’t a straight up juke jam, however; the crooned vocals (sampled from Unappreciated by Atlanta girl group Cherish) take it closer to something like a sexier re-imagining of Addison Groove. MikeQ, one of the key figures in the underground East Coast vogue house scene, offers up his version of Don’t Luv to close out the release, stripping away the Windy City influences and turning the track into a vast, yawning slow-house-future-garage mishmash.