Feb 21, 2011
Doggy Nights
Ian Carey & Snoop Dogg feat Bobby Anthony - Last Night (Radio Edit) [Spinnin']
Ian Carey & Snoop Dogg feat Bobby Anthony - Last Night (Barletta vs Paul David Remix)

Alright people, time for another hit poppy dance track with another superstar rap veteran: Snoop Dogg. Yup–and it’s good! The track isn’t sophisticated and doesn’t really invent anything new, but sometimes being simple and of high quality goes a long way. Bobby Anthony’s vocals are fitting and Snoop’s laid back vibe over the feel-good dancey beat make this a definite worldwide hit; expect to be hearing it on your typical terrestrial radio stations. Reports have been coming in from all over confirming just how much EDM is taking over the airwaves, and Tonight is just about exactly what those stations are going to eat up.

Though the original is great in its own right, the Barletta vs. Paul David remix takes things up a notch and adds some quality that dank-seeking EDM lovers are looking for while preserving the essence of the original pretty perfectly. This remix does an incredible job of maintaining the uplifting and chill vibe while throwing in some interesting electro and rough synth lines. So depending on what kinda crowd you’ve got in the room, pick one or the other–or both! And if you like hearing Snoop’s flow over dance remixes, check out California Girls by Armand van Helden and Katy Perry. West coast!

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