Aug 15, 2012
Dog Blood Unleashed
Dog Blood - Next Order (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Dog Blood - Middle Finger (Original Mix) [OWSLA]

Ladies and gentlemen, the hottest collaboration of 2012 is finally here in the form of Dog Blood, the monster project from two of the industry’s top DJs: Skrillex and Boys Noize. The silent premier of their hot new EP, simply titled Middle Finger, dropped on 8/12, and fans have since figured out from the artists’ social media outlets that the duo consists of none other than the rock star from LA and the German rebel. The resulting product is a fusion of outlandish techno and bass-heavy kicks. The careful listener will find Skrillex moving farther away from his famous screeching wobbles and closer towards elements of acid prevalent in BNR releases. The beauty lies in the ways in which their sounds blend together: head-banging beats that create frightfully groovy atmospheres.

Next Order saw the light of day even before fans knew who the producers were. To me, it sounds like a track between ages. On one hand, the energy amplified by the short, choppy kicks is reminiscent of old-school acid, but the spacey synthesizers prove it to be a slice of modern-day rave. Kooky samples and primal-sounding effects are scattered throughout the song. This track, though highly impressive, still does not out-shadow the Middle Finger‘s title track. Those who attended HARD Summer will instantly recognize this song; the rock n’ roll metal shriekings and insanely trippy vocal samples make it an instant dancefloor hit.

Middle Finger certainly does give the current trend in electro the finger by deviating far from the norm into a place chock-full of possibilities. It’s out now both on OWSLA and Boysnoize.

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