Oct 07, 2011
Dodge & Fuski Show Some
DEVolution feat Amy Pearson - Good Love (Dodge & Fuski Remix) [One More Tune]
Dodge & Fuski - Sick (Original Mix)

Alesso recently remixed the track Good Love by DEVolution with vocals by Amy Pearson, taking the track into progressive house territory. Dodge & Fuski, on the other hand, must have thought it lacked a good dose of filth, so they took it into their hands to rectify that situation by slinging it on the back of their 4×4 truck and dragging it through Amazonian mud. The result? One of the filthiest entries in dubstep of 2011.

It’s altogether not surprising that Bristol-based Dodge & Fuski are releasing such top-of-the-line tracks such as this, which really speak to current trends in the dub genres. Good Love is an inspiring mix of dubstep, drum’n’bass, and even a bit of an R&B flair at certain points. Expect this track to blow up worldwide over the next few months.

They also recently released another track that’s…well…Sick. Straight off their new release The Sick EP, this track is a humorously wobbly entry into the dubstep genre. It’s even got a bit of that reggae swag to it that’ll make ya lean a lil bit as you let out a chuckle before the drop. Definitely a distinctive tune that should whet your appetite to check out the rest of the EP.

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