Feb 26, 2011
Doctorate In Dubstep
Blame feat Camilla Marie - Star (Doctor P Remix) [New State]

Doctor P is an artist that has been featured several times on LessThan3, probably because he is so damn good at what he does. Running the gamut from industrial-sounding dubstep to more melodic tunes, the Doctor has started to make a serious name for himself. This time, the man has given us a melodic, poppy gem that still gets down and dirty where it counts.

Star is a track by UK drum’n’bass artist Blame that is just poppy enough to be heard even outside the dnb circles; we actually liked the original of this track enough to post it back in August. Seeing an opportunity with this sound, Doctor P grabbed ahold and added both some sparkle and some grime with a pinch of hip hop swagger. It’s always refreshing when a dubstep song has a melody that you can grab onto, and this one is definitely one of those kinds of tracks. Camilla Marie’s vocal is great too; I hope she turns up on more breakbeat-ish tracks in the future.

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