Jan 13, 2011
Doctor Love
Plan B - Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)

If you’re in LA right now, you know that dubstep is hot, hot, HOT–whether you’re a fan or not. Our favorite bass-heavy genre has more or less taken club music over here by storm. This last weekend at the Avalon, and at Together As One, the wobbles were ubiquitous. Seriously, good luck standing through an entire set without hearing someone do a dubby drop; it’s just not going to happen.

Doctor P is a very familiar (and loved) name among our dubstep-fiending readers by this time. Today, we have a new prescription straight from the good doctor: A remix of British singer-songwriter Plan B’s Love Goes Down. The buildup shows you how fast dubstep really goes at 140BPM, and then drops into what Doctor P does best. The man who brought you Marmite certainly won’t disappoint with this highly melodic, ear-thrashing gem for the new year.

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