Oct 20, 2014
Do Androids Dream Of Touring? A Chat With Andrew Bayer
Andrew Bayer - The District (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Andrew Bayer - England (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Signalrunners - Electric Sheep (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]

Andrew Bayer is currently undertaking a rare tour of North America, giving fans a chance to hear some new material in the process. The tour is named for a new production, Do Androids Dream, one of several new tracks Andrew is unveiling over the two weekends.

Anyone who has seen Bayer live before–at events such as ABGT050 at Alexandra Palace or even this weekend’s performance at Above & Beyond’s ABGT100 at Madison Square Garden–will be wondering why it’s such a rare thing. Bayer explains that it isn’t a case of being a producer rather than a DJ, and performing live is something he values highly. We caught up with him during the early stages of the tour to hear more.

“I do want to start performing more. Since I DJ so rarely, I try to make each show really special. I try to revamp nearly every track I play out so that it’s a more intimate and ‘concert’ style show,” he said.

Andrew Bayer - ABG050

So why now? And what made his home continent the primary focus of his limited dates? Unsurprisingly, it turns out that Andrew is more concerned with growing his fanbase and getting his music to new people rather than any income live performance might offer.

“After being asked to play MSG, I thought now would be the perfect time. I’ve been preparing some brand new material and exclusive bootlegs and mashups that I’m really looking forward to playing.

I think it’s very important to do gigs everywhere, really. A lot of DJs will say that it is more important to have a steady stream of North America gigs because for them the money is better. In reality, you want to be playing even small capacity places around the world so that you can reach a more diverse group of people. All of that collectively comes back to you and helps you grow your fanbase.”

There’s a very select number of cities on the tour, but Bayer makes clear that while his choice of cities is limited, there’s hope for everyone hoping to catch him live, they just might have a bit of a wait.

“It was a really tough decision because I wanted to do as many places as I could in two weekends. It was heartbreaking getting messages from people saying that their city was missed out, and that they were really upset. I don’t ever see myself doing a massive tour, so it will probably be in chunks like this. There will always be people upset that I’m not able to come to their city this time around, but there will always be next time!”

Andrew Bayer - ABGT100

When it comes to new material, it seems the classic Andrew Bayer sound we’ve grown to love will still be the order of the day. When asked if his latest output was to be on the clubbier end of the spectrum, more towards the experimental end, or a mixture of the two as with If It Were You, he simply replied “a little bit of all three”. It certainly bodes well for the future, and while we’ve no further information as yet, we can only hope the Do Androids Dream tour is a precursor to a new album.

To round things off, we also asked about the continued Blade Runner references in his work–Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep being the book the film was based on.

“I grew up being obsessed with Blade Runner. It was my favorite film and a big thing in my family. Everyone loved it; we practically studied it. Fast forward a bunch of years later, I end up signing with Anjunabeats as Signalrunners and call one of the tracks Electric Sheep! Then, the list goes on and on about the Blade Runner references. Might need to watch it again on the plane!”

Paper Unicorn

Andrew Bayer’s Do Androids Dream tour continues next weekend with shows at:

Oct. 23. Vancouver, BC @ Venue
Oct. 24. Los Angeles, CA @ Exchange
Oct. 25 . Seattle, WA @ Foundation

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