Feb 17, 2015
Djemba Djemba Drops Thirteen Unreleased ‘Leftover Beats’
Djemba Djemba - Plum Blossom (Original Mix)
Djemba Djemba feat. Mr. Carmack + Penthouse Penthouse - Money 2-2 (Original Mix)
Djemba Djemba feat. Penthouse Penthouse - Ecstasy (Original Mix)
Djemba Djemba feat. Mr. Carmack - DARKERNATURE v2 (Original Mix)

Djemba Djemba (pictured) surprises his fans by releasing a massive 13 unheard tracks, including three collaborations with Mr. Carmack, and he is calling the set If you’re listening to this it’s Leftover Beats.

All thirteen tracks showcase Djemba Djemba’s more experimental tendencies and even delve into the trip-hop side of his multifaceted style. Plum Blossom takes samples from a Brazilian bossa nova version of the late jazz-instrumentalist Yusef Lateef’s original and adds iconic trap effects and an easy sub-bass growl.

Despite labeling the set as “leftover beats,” each of the tracks stand alone as well-calculated and pristinely crafted final products. Money 2-2 and Ecstasy bring in the laid-back lounge sound of Los Angeles-based duo Penthouse Penthouse with the soulful guitar riffs and glittering high-pitched effects.

Mr. Carmack adds his future bass flare to DARKERNATURE v2 and Iris v2 and also to Money 2-2 alongside Penthouse Penthouse. Leading up these collaborations, Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba had previously worked together to deliver a collaborative Diplo and Friends BBC Mix and are just finishing their Team Supreme tour.

Be sure to catch the tail end of Djemba Djemba’s solo tour and listen to all thirteen tracks on SoundCloud here.

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