Sep 03, 2014
DJ Troubl, Suspected UZ Alter-Ego, Comes Out Of Hiding
DJ Troubl - Glitch Dat B*tch

France’s DJ Troubl, suspected in certain circles of being the man behind masked trap artist UZ, posted to three of his long-quiet social media accounts today, including a new track on SoundCloud.

Glitch Dat B*tch is an experimental bass oddity labelled under the SoudCloud “set” “The Lost Files VOL1″ and more importantly, one of just two uploads in over two years. During this time, his Facebook and Twitter pages went completely silent as well, having been historically active by comparison. The first fan comment on SoundCloud was an ominous and familiar “︻╦╤─ Ɓ∆И₲ Ɓ∆И₲ ─╤╦︻,” UZ’s famous sign-off, but it has since been deleted and comments on the track disabled.

This two-year stretch of inactivity adds to multiple examples of public suspicion that his career as DJ Troubl ended in order to be reborn as unidentified DJ/producer UZ (pictured, right).

This speculation has never been confirmed, and while the reawakening of Troubl’s social media accounts might not mean an answer to “who is UZ?” it does mean we could be regaining a well-respected member of the bass music scene. Maybe we’ll learn the truth at the end of a classic ’90s sitcom-style, two-places-at-once scenario (cue audience laughter track).

Pick up the free download here, and follow DJ Troubl for more (we hope).

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