Oct 16, 2015
DJ Snake Announces Debut Album, Releases Turnt Up Tropical House Jam, ‘Middle’
DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine - Middle (Original Mix) [Interscope]

Left of trap but dead center in the midst of tropical house’s pop surge is the appropriately titled Middle, DJ Snake’s lead single from his forthcoming debut album.

Instead of being a glistening and easy groove, there’s an extra beat in each measure chopping the energy up into a unique syncopated sway. UK vocalist Bipolar Sunshine adds a top-line with a Caribbean tinge for perfect measure, too. Is this the beginning of “tropical turn up” as the next wave? This is probably not the case, but the single definitely feels like the start of what will be Snake attempting to cross-pollinate the trap sound with a wide array of genres.

There is no release date or title as yet for DJ Snake’s album, which is expected to drop this winter, but do purchase Middle here.

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