Dec 30, 2014
DJ Snake And AlunaGeorge’s NSFW Video Also Has Drug-Dealing Apes

AlunaGeorge and DJ Snake‘s collaborative You Know You Like It gets a tense tale of self-loathing and desperation in the official video released today.

The smooth trap item soundtracks what could be a prequel to Planet Of The Apes in which the apes’ first attempts at controlling man one by one with space dope fails for the desire of their sleeper agent to be loved and accepted by his enemy. Our main monkey develops an image problem, which leads to some aggressive thoughts that never end up playing out, ’cause he goes and palms some boobs at the boob club and gets booted out. Then, he’s all “man, what am I doing with my life? Palming boob? Time for a change.” Because even apes destined to rule the planet gotta learn you don’t touch the strippers.

Watch below, and pick up the track here on Beatport.

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