Jun 26, 2014
DJ Shadow & Salva Go In On Kimbra’s ’90s Music’

Worlds collide with the news that turntable innovator DJ Shadow and next-gen hip hop producer Salva collaborated on a remix of 90s Music, the wild mission statement from Melbourne-via-New Zealand musician Kimbra.

She may be better known as the “feat.” on Gotye’s smash hit Somebody That I Used To Know, but Kimbra solo is about as far away as one can get from that understated, plaintive pop song without entering Gregorian chant territory. Incredibly, the duo of Shadow and Salva (can we call them Shalva? Please?) manage to beat Kimbra at her own game of neon-colored maximalism in their 90s Music remix, injecting bone-shattering bass and vocal chops cut with laser precision. Listen below, and pre-order Kimbra’s album The Golden Echo on iTunes ahead of its Aug. 19 release date.