May 15, 2014
DJ Rashad & Teklife Crew Remix Sleigh Bells’ ‘Young Legends’
Sleigh Bells - Young Legends (Teklife Remix)

The late, great Chicago footwork pioneer DJ Rashad tragically passed away last month at the age of 35. During his career as a rapper and producer, DJ Rashad also helmed the famous footwork collective Teklife. Although Rashad’s final release was his We On 1 EP, new Teklife material has surfaced today in the form of a remix of Sleigh Bells’ Young Legends.

Featured on the band’s 2013 LP Bitter Rivals, Young Legends is a charismatic, upbeat Sleigh Bells anthem featuring spirited synth beats and vibrant vocals from frontwoman Alexis Krauss. The Teklife crew adds in some frantic beats and modulation to ignite the track into a full-blown footwork frenzy.

According to Sleigh Bells, “Young legends die all the time.” Nevertheless, we’ll be mourning the loss of DJ Rashad for years to come.

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