Jul 14, 2013
DJ Hazard Buzzing & Tripping
DJ Hazard - Digital Bumble Bees (Original Mix) [Playaz]
DJ Hazard - Time Tripping (Original Mix) [Playaz]

Drum & bass vet DJ Hazard continues to torch dancefloors with his brand of gritty D&B via his latest EP on the mighty Playaz imprint. Following up on last year’s massive Never The Same, Hazard delivers a similar rude-boy vibe on his newest release, combining a head-nodding A-side in Digital Bumble Bees and a dark and techy AA-side called Time Tripping. Known for his rolling breaks and bellicose sound design, Hazard delivers another gem to the Playaz catalog with this hot-tempered, stormer of an EP.

Digital Bumble Bees is built around its bee-mimicking lead-synth, buzzing out the tune’s discordant, but highly appealing melody. Add to that a cheeky sample about bumble bees and a natural-sounding, analog break, and the result is grooving D&B roller with tons of Playaz flavor. The AA-side of the EP is the aggressive tech-step monster Time Tripping–replete with weighty sub-bass stabs and minimal 2-step break. Nuanced with an abstract, cinematic vocal sample and some lo-fi synthetics, Time Tripping is as cerebral as it is a physical workout. Make sure to pick up both tunes right here on Beatport.

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