Jan 05, 2014
DJ DJ Booth Readies ‘Water Me’ For The Afterparty
FKA Twigs - Water Me (DJ DJ Booth Remix)

Depending on who you ask, DJ DJ Booth–no, that’s not a typo–is either among the absolute worst, or else one of the greatest DJ stage names in recent history (this writer falls into the latter camp). But Booth’s music is strong enough to hold its own regardless of whatever goofy name you attach to it.

The DJ’s latest offering is a warped, melted remix of Water Me by experimental electronic artist FKA Twigs (pictured), originally produced by Arca. Booth himself describes the finished product as “6 AM Club Vibes,” which doubles as a good suggestion of when best to deploy this densely textured track.

Pick up the remix for free on Zippyshare, care of DJ DJ Booth himself. If his Water Me remix has piqued your interest, do yourself a favor and check out Booth’s recent (and also excellently named) Todd Edwards Falling Down The Stairs EP, out now via Activia Benz.

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