Jul 22, 2013
DJ Dan and Charles Feelgood Have Got It
DJ Dan & Charles Feelgood - We Got It (Original Mix) [InStereo]

Sometimes I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but believe me when I say that InStereo Records cranks out funky disco house tunes like none other. Label owner DJ Dan has collaborated with Charles Feelgood to put together We Got It, a tune that will definitely make bodies move. Following the release of Grey Goose by the consistently groovy WhiteNoize, which was featured as one of our Friday Favorites, InStereo loses no steam serving up this juicy release the following week.

We Got It jumps right out at you with a powerful clap while slowly filtering in the main elements of the track. The bassline peeks in at around 30 seconds and gains power once mixed into guitar samples and vocals from We Got The Funk by Positive Force. It warms my heart to see such melodic integrity and history resurrected and made into a modern house. If you feel so inclined, pick this one up on Beatport today.

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