Oct 29, 2014
DJ Craze Shows Off Real Skills With ‘New Slaves’ Routine

After enduring the influx of celebrity “DJs” and artists that require cakes to be thrown for successful shows, many in the DJ world who have spent their entire lives honing their craft have become understandably upset.

DJ Craze, arguably one of the greatest turntablists to ever live, has just released a video of his most recent routine–an in-your-face mix of Kanye West’s New Slaves–where the Slow Roast founder shows the world that there’s a lot more to DJing that just pressing a few buttons.

Although Craze isn’t the only one who has voiced his opinion on the matter, his video might be the best response yet. Instead of merely bashing those who attempt to call themselves DJs, Craze puts on an epic show, letting his routine speak for itself. Check out the video below to get a taste of what the four-time World DMC Champion is capable of.

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