Feb 10, 2015
Dixon & Ame To Play 375-Year-Old Spanish Castle

We’ve heard of parties in parks, warehouses, on ships, and even in mental hospitals, but never in a 17th century castle, which is where Innervisions plans to throw a new event featuring Dixon (pictured) and Âme.

The innovative label booked the Montjuïc Castle (pictured below) in Barcelona, Spain to continue their “Lost In A Moment” party series that they started in 2013. From military base to museum to dance hall, partygoers will be able to explore halls that once set the scene for historic Catalan and Napoleonic battles. It all takes place on June 21 this year with Dixon, Âme, Solar, and Culoe De Song headlining the evening.

Although ticket information is not yet available, you can check the event’s Facebook page here for more information as it is announced.

montjuic castle