Aug 07, 2014
Dive Into The Deep 31: Curated By Mikey Lion of Desert Hearts
Paul C & Paolo Martini - Bermuda (Original Mix) [8Bit]
Mr Jefferson - Riddim Clean (Original Mix) [Deeperfect]
Martin Waslewski feat. Sascha Reske - Floading (Original Mix) [Monaberry]

SoCal-based Mikey Lion is more than your standard DJ/producer–he’s also the head of Desert Hearts, a house and techno festival that holds its events in deserts and remote indian reservations. Lion has also recently launched Desert Hearts Records, which had an inaugural release from the man himself in collaboration with Jonjo Williams.

In the words of Lion, Desert Hearts is, “a tribute to House, Techno, and Love. Desert Hearts is a community, a family, and more importantly a movement celebrating life and music. It’s an idea of a better way of life where acceptance, creativity and passions flourish. A safe haven away from Babylon where everyone can connect with nature, be themselves and do what makes them happy. One stage, one vibe, and one beautiful and growing family. It’s time to share our ethos with the rest of the world. We are all Desert Hearts.”

LessThan3 is privileged to hand the reins of Dive Into The Deep to Mikey this week, and he’s hand-picked a crop of new deep and tech releases. He’s also thrown in a recent Desert Hearts mix so you can sample the sounds the up-and-coming SoCal event brand. Enjoy, and while you’re at it, Show Mikey Lion and Desert Hearts some love on Facebook.

Mikey Lion & Jonjo Williams – The Defendant (Original Mix) [Desert Hearts]
I’ve always been a huge fan of James Brown and the way he carried himself. I sampled his famous interview where he was wasted on the news for my debut release on Desert Hearts Records. This one ended up too funky for words.

System2 – Mondays (Original Mix) [VIVa]
This track is an absolute tech house monster. System2, along with Steve Lawler’s whole VIVa Music label, have been go-to selections for me. I can always count on them for drum-infused groovers. Tons of kicks, tons of snares, and tons of percussion–just how I like it.
RELEASE DATE: Aug. 11, 2014

Paul C & Paolo Martini – Bermuda (Original Mix) [8Bit]
Super feel-good, daytime island feels on this one. Really good to start a set with because it can completely change the vibe to something that’s more my style. I can pretty much go anywhere from here.

Mr Jefferson – Riddim Clean (Original Mix) [Deeperfect]
This is some peak-time gangster tech right here. I’ve always loved tracks that blend hip hop and house, and I can always count on Mr Jefferson to deliver bombs like this one. This will be a staple in my sets for a while to come.

Martin Waslewski feat. Sascha Reske – Floading (Original Mix) [Monaberry]
Martin Waslewski and the whole Monaberry label has been putting out my favorite jams for the past couple of years. Everything they make is so vibe-focused and has the potential to create magic moments on the dancefloor. This one has sunrise written all over it.
RELEASE DATE: Aug. 14, 2014

MIX OF THE WEEK: Mikey Lion – Live @ Desert Hearts
This is my live mix from our Desert Hearts Spring Festival. Desert Hearts is a 70-hour, non-stop house and techno festival that I put on with my crew in Southern California. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve started to make some major waves with the launch of Desert Hearts Records. This set was my victory lap at one of the best parties the West Coast has ever seen. House, techno, and love… we are all Desert Hearts.