May 02, 2014
Dive Into The Deep 22
DJ Koze - Amygdala (Roman Flugel Remix) [Pampa]
Hyenah - King Kobra (Original Mix) [Freerange]
Jam On' - One Step (Original Mix) [Act Natural]
NTFO & Karmon - Composit (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
Alex Ground - Vision M (Original Mix) [Earlydub]

Ready to get your sexy on? We’re back with a very special Friday edition of Dive Into The Deep that’ll get you in the perfect mood for what’s sure to be a welcoming summer (spring-ish?) weekend. Might as well start dancing now, Sunday’s not too far off…

DJ Koze – Amygdala (Roman Flugel Remix) [Pampa]
Last year’s full-length from Koze is one of those albums that has truly aged like the finest of wines… better with every listen, sexy as hell, and capable of making you super loopy. That last one might just be me, but either way, Amygdala was one of the quirkiest house albums in recent memory. Luckily, the Pampa boss is not short of friends, and commissioning remixes from some of the finest producers in the game proved to be a simple task. Roman Flugel’s take on Amygdala’s title track makes you want to revisit the original, a slow burn to Milosh’s heavenly vocals keeping you in suspense through some fine percussive work. Honestly, if you can’t appreciate Koze, we probably can’t be friends.
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Hyenah – King Kobra (Original Mix) [Freerange]
Can’t help but smile when it happens. You’ll know what I’m talking about.
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Jam’ On – One Step (Original Mix) [Act Natural]
This one is incredibly smooth; I’m loving everything coming out of Act Natural. It’s a bit more nuanced than those super simple tracks that the minimal freaks are churning out, and it’s got that heavy bass push that’s impossible to resist. Throw this on to get any room grooving.

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NTFO & Karmon – Composit (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
See now this is exactly what everyone needed heading into the weekend. Yeah. YEAH.

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Alex Ground – Vision M (Original Mix) [Earlydub]
Ridiculously tough. I can’t think of much more to write because I’ve already begun to celebrate the sun and the Earth, but just know that I really love this track.

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