Apr 25, 2014
Dive Into The Deep 21
Daniel Bortz - The Misery (Nu & Acid vs Pauli Remix) [Suol]
Canson - Elliver Twist [Upon.You]
Gone Deville - So Many Ways (Madmotormiquel Mix) [Casbour]
Igor Vicente - Mallowdie [Mobilee]
Bespoke Musik Radio 016 - Kev Obrien

Welcome back to Dive Into The Deep, dearest friends. Another week of the sublime and sexy sounds of the deep, featuring some fresh talents with choice productions across a nice range of the deeper electronic genres from some excellent labels including Suol, Upon.You and Mobilee. Get to listening–this music isn’t going to love itself.

Daniel Bortz feat. Nils Corssen – The Misery (Nu & Acid vs Pauli Remix) [Suol]
Breaking with his longstanding no remixes rule, Daniel Bortz and Suol release Patchwork Memories Remixes, a four-track EP containing this gorgeous, melodic masterpiece from two of the finest quality producers today, Nu & Acid and Pauli. Fresh and fun.
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Canson – Elliver Twist [Upon.You]
Brilliant Swiss talent Canson has a prolific discography that defines quality electronic music. This chunky, housey groove machine is a perfect example of the “less is more” mindset, without being boring or formulaic.
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Gone Deville – So Many Ways (Madmotormiquel Mix) [Casbour]
Madmotormiquel has been one of my favorite producers for the last couple of years. He maintains an incredibly melodic sensibility with all of his productions, laid across an underlying deep groove that anchors the dreamy, soaring soundscapes he produces firmly on planet Earth.
Out soon on Casbour

Igor Vicente – Mallowdie [Mobilee]
Part of an excellent EP package on the venerable Mobilee Records, this moody and melodic jam flows nicely. Belgium-based Igor Vicente is one half of Ultrasone and is involved with the legendary Wild Family parties. He also maintains a residency at the world-renowned Fuse club.
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MIX OF THE WEEK: Bespoke Musik Radio 016 : Kev Obrien
Stranjjur Imprint founder and director Kev Obrien turns in a fantastic mix containing deep, intricate and interesting yet exciting and accessible music. His uncompromising commitment to quality electronic music that is both danceable and thoughtful makes him one of the rising stars in the industry. Highly recommended.

Photo: Rocky [Verboten | Brooklyn, NY]