Mar 13, 2014
Dive Into The Deep 15
Code Canary - Idle State (Powel Remix) [Starpost]
David Shaw - Sentiment Acide (Jennifer Cardini Remix) [HMS]
Black 80s - Move On (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) [Free Range]
Chopstick & Johnjon - Pining Moon [Stranjjur]
Freestyle Man - Long Nights (Kev Obrien Remix) [Suol]

Hey there, sunshine. Welcome back to Dive Into The Deep, where we shine a light on quality music from the deep end of the electronic music pool. This week features some moody, melodic, and mellow ear-candy from several of my favorite German producers and one of Brooklyn’s finest.

Code Canary – Idle State (Powel Remix) [Starpost]
As is often the case with Berlin’s extraordinarily talented Powel, sweeping melodies and staccato drum kicks settle nicely on a bed of undulating, groovy basslines. This new remix for Nuremberg’s Code Canary is no exception. Smooth and dreamy.
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David Shaw & The Beat – Sentiment Acide (Jennifer Cardini Remix) [HMS]
New wave synths give this melodic remix from techno maven Jennifer Cardini a warm, analog vibe. The spoken word French vocals pair up with the nostalgic, ’80s-inflected undertone perfectly.
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The Black 80s – Move On (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) [Freerange]
New remix from one of the most prolific and significant German house/techno music acts. The lyrics are bittersweet, but the overall vibe is hopeful and uplifting.

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Chopstick & Johnjon – Pining Moon [Suol]
Suol founders Chopstick & Johnjon are about to release their first artist album, and this beautiful first single is an excellent example of the kind of accessible, quality electronic music these gentlemen produce and represent. Perfect for the dancefloor at the right moment or the living room/bedroom anytime.
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Freestyle Man – Long Nights (Kev Obrien Emergency Room Remix) [Stranjjur]
Brooklyn-based Stranjjur founder and director Kev Obrien put together this 11-minute masterpiece in a nonstop 13-hour session that forced him to go to the hospital for a strained hip. Fortunately, he made a full recovery and still has this gorgeous tune to show for it.
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