Feb 27, 2014
Dive Into The Deep 13
Dave DK - Woolloomoolooo [Pampa]
Bloodgroup - Fall (Bedouin Remix) [Unreleased]
Seb Wildblood feat. Leo Naylor - Blue Colour [Skint]
Hanne & Lore - Blah [Heulsuse]
Furns - Haunt Me (Hot Sand Remix) [Hator]

Welcome back to Dive Into the Deep, with a fresh set of deep and delicious music your ears have been craving. Rocky here, and I’ll be publishing this chart for LessThan3 every other week going forward. Quality, accessible, underground music featuring artists you’ll love–you just may not have heard of them yet. Still with me? Nice. Check out some of these choice selections:

Dave DK – Woolloomooloo [Pampa]
Out last week on the venerable deep/eclectic house label Pampa, this lush, gorgeous tune from Berlin’s Dave DK features sweeping synths, orchestral maneuvers, and an infectious, rolling bassline that wraps around you as it undulates back and forth. Easily the best track name of the week.
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Bloodgroup – Fall (Bedouin Remix)
With a forthcoming EP on Audiofly’s Supernature Records, Brooklyn’s Bedouin is poised to break out in a big way in the coming year. This dreamy, thick grooved, intelligent and intricate take on Bloodgroup’s Fall explains why their sound is in high demand. Patience is key with this tune. Like most art, there is tension and release. In this instance, 2:40 is where the transfer of energy happens.
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Seb Wildblood feat. Leo Naylor – Blue Colour [Skint]
Seb Wildblood is a fresh new talent with an upcoming EP on Skint that features this groovy, melodic monster. Once again, wait for it–the magic happens about halfway through and it is well worth it. If you like a little funk with your deep/house/tech, this is it.

Hanne & Lore – Blah [Heulsuse]
Along with Andhim, Super Flu, Cascandy, and Monkey Safari, this German duo is spearheading a fresh new deep house sound that is both upbeat and deep, esoteric and melodic, heady and fun. Wait… what? Listen and it all makes sense.
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Furns – Haunt Me (Hot Sand Remix) [Hator]
Brand new remix of Haunt Me by talented Russian producer Hot Sand. Smooth and delightful.
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Photo shot at Imagine Gallery, New York by Rocky Ramniceanu