Jul 25, 2013
Dive Deeper With Anjunadeep:05
The Presets - It's Cool (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) [Anjunadeep]
Dusky - Mr Man (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Kahwe - Driving Me Wild (Jody Wisternoff's Deep 05 Reshape) [Anjunadeep]

It’s not as if we had been counting, but it has been one year, four months, and 26 days since Anjunadeep:04 was released. This week marks a landmark in Anjunadeep history with the release of Anjunadeep:05 mixed by James Grant and Jody Wisternoff. The previous three compilations were mixed by James Grant and Jaytech and each had their own unique style that fit like a puzzle piece into the dance scene at that time. This year, Jaytech has handed over the reins to Jody Wisternoff of Way Out West fame and the fifth compilation was born.

The sound of the Anjunadeep compilations has shifted over time. Beginning with the inaugural first compilation mixed by Above & Beyond themselves, the label has slowly worked its way toward deeper sounds with the release of Anjunadeep:05. With tracks from notable acts such as Beckwith, Tom Middleton, DAVI, Matt Lange, Dusky, and many more, there’s a reason this compilation shot to number one of the iTunes dance chart above Zedd, Hardwell, and Tiesto within a few days of its release.

Each disc is a complete work of art by each of the mixing artists. James Grant takes us on a journey of the deeper side. The opening track by Croquet Club sets the tone with an amazing descending piano melody that grabs your attention for the impending mix of exclusive Anjunadeep material. Tom Middleton’s WYV AUW CHU steals the show with immaculate vocal manipulation and precision percussion that we’ve grown to expect from him. After releasing their debut album on Anjunadeep titled Stick By This, the duo named Dusky has duplicate appearances on this compilation with Nobody Else and Mr Man. Both tracks are fantastic displays of their capabilities that have launched them to the forefront of the deep house scene in the past few years. Andrew Bayer and James Grant have a unique and eerily captivating take on It’s Cool by The Presets nearing the completion of the first disc.

Jody Wisternoff’s mix kicks the entire mood up a notch. The second disc is specifically manipulated and shaped into exactly what Wisternoff intended with several edits and “reshapes” that bestows his style upon several works. His remix of Above & Beyond and Zoe Johnston’s Alchemy wraps the original and drags it to the depths for a sultry, silky feel that leaves a mark. Wisternoff’s reshape of Driving Me Wild by Kahwe maintains the wonderful melody of the original but adds enough flavor to keep you grooving wherever you are. Both mixes are impeccably done and deserve a listen by all. You can pick up them on Beatport today or snag them on iTunes.