Jul 09, 2015
Dive Into The Deep 44: Curated By POPOF
POPOF - Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Hot Creations]
ANNA - Pantograph Bouncing (Original Mix) [Autist]
Gabriel Ananda - The Hunt (Original Mix) [Suara]
Charlotte OC - Hangover (Moodymann Remix) [KDJ]
Pascäal - Drowning In You (Original Mix) [Vresh]
Shaun Reeves - Live At Desert Hearts

POPOF first rose to prominence as a member of Heretik System during the Parisian ‘90s rave scene. Since then, he’s remixed Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, signed to Sven Väth’s legendary Cocoon records, and launched his own label, Form. Now, fresh off the release of his Love Somebody LP, the first album on Hot Creations in 2015, POPOF has given us a special curated Dive Into The Deep with some of his favorite tunes of the moment.

POPOF – Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Hot Creations]
I love this track because it is very summery. It’s a sweet mix of warm sounds, beautiful melodies and catchy vocals. I never get tired of it.

ANNA – Pantograph Bouncing (Original Mix) [Autist]
This track by ANNA, aka Boris Brejcha, was one of my all-time favorites for a long time. It is actually split into two parts: it begins with a catchy beat, then, mid-song, you have this infectious melody taking over. This one is a dancefloor killer.

Gabriel Ananda – The Hunt (Original Mix) [Suara]
One of Gabriel Ananda’s best tracks ever, in my opinion. It works either in mid-set or at the end, thanks to the combination of a unique, electrifying sound, and lightly saturated melodies. It’s delightful.

Charlotte OC – Hangover (Moodymann Remix) [KDJ]
I’m a huge fan of Moodymann’s work, so I naturally felt compelled to mention him as a reference. This remix by Charlotte OC is as interesting as it is surprising.

Pascäal – Drowning In You (Original Mix) [Vresh]
I love the sweetness and the lightness of this track. The beats, the melodies and the vocals are all perfectly in harmony. A real success.

MIX OF THE WEEK: Shaun Reeves – Live At Desert Hearts
I really love this mix by Shaun Reeves because the general atmosphere and energy totally complete each other in such a coherent way. This is absolutely the kind of mix I dig.